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Pedro Roso

Sócio-fundador da cartorios.com.vc

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We simplify documentation bureaucracy for B2C and B2B in Brazil using technology, reducing costs and gaining efficiency.

Detalhes da Startup

Estágio: Escala (estou acelerando o crescimento)

Mercados de Atuação: Agricultura - AgriTech, Arquitetura e Construção, Financeiro - FinTech, Tecnologia da Informação

Tipo de Negócio: B2B, B2C

Modelo de Negócio: E-Commerce, Serviços / Consultoria, Software

Fundação: 2016


Companies lose money with bureaucracy and with the lack of control over documents - documents that are required on important processes for financials, construction and agro businesses. Inefficiency generates financial losses and delays of up to 180 days in some services.

Produto / Solução

On B2B we developed a platform to manage these documents. On B2C we developed a MVP e-commerce that sells duplicates of birth, death and marriage certificates.


Cartórios generate 6 billion dollars a year with a totally primitive way, almost without any technology. This market is also huge but is closed and old fashion.

Modelo de Negócios

On B2C we charge a price per certificate and a fee to use our platform. On B2C we charge a price per certificate.

Estágio e Realizações

Cartórios.com.vc is new but cash flow is positive since the Day 1.


Pedro Roso - CEO worked on retail market, leading marketing teams, was responsible to launch 7 big brands in the market. Rodrigo Lopes - CTO and previously worked on great startups here, leading IT teams. Flávio Castaldi - COO is the guy who know this industry like no one.

São Paulo/SP